Kohana Cox

Kohana Cox

Financial Specialist

Kohana was raised in a military family and after traveling around the world, she moved to Georgia in 2010. She worked very hard during her teens to graduate with an associate degree when she was 17 and her Bachelor of Business Administration when she was 19. In the middle of her degrees, she also achieved her certifications for financial advising so she could start her career as early as possible.

Kohana’s father was a financial advisor, so it was a natural decision to go down the same career path. She has always loved helping people and being able to give financial security to others is very rewarding to see. Kohana joined the Southern Advisors team in 2022 but has been family friends with the owner for many years. Her next goal is to become a Certified Financial Planner.

In her free time Kohana takes martial arts. She is a high-ranking instructor and black belt at her martial arts. She was promoted to chief instructor at her school months before she was supposed to be eligible. Besides being second in command, she is well on her way to becoming a 4th degree black belt as well.

At her martial arts, Kohana says the phrase “Pil Seung!” This phrase translates to “certain victory”, and these are the words that continue to motivate Kohana through her life.