Matt Decker

Matt Decker

Executive Vice President

Specializing in asset protection and tax advantaged strategies, Matt Decker will show you how to keep the governments hands off your money and protect your hard earned dollars.

Clients working with Matt understand that Uncle Sam is a silent partner in their retirement and how and where they invest today determines how much influence Uncle Sam has in the future.

After spending years training independent financial professionals across the country, on complex asset protection and tax strategies Matt Decided to strike out on his own and is now a valuable asset to the Southern Advisors team.

Matt has administered and implemented all kinds of advanced planning techniques including: premium finance, split dollar, executive compensation, defined benefits plans, estate planning, and specialized tax incentives and reductions.

Matt and his wife Kate live in Woodstock with their 3 boys Vincent, Warren and Marshall.

The Decker's are active members of Woodstock City Church and enjoy outdoor sports and grilling out for friends and family on the weekends.